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Typhoon TV is an Android app that let you stream unlimited HD Movies and TV Shows for free. You can download Terrarium TV app for Android smartphone/tablets, Windows PC/Laptop, Amazon Firestick, FireTV & other Android-powered devices.

Fast and Clean

⬤Support for Android TV and Android TV Boxes
⬤Amazon Fire TV and Firestick compatible without Jailbreak
⬤Clean, Intuitive and well-structured Interface
⬤FULL HD (1080p), HD (720p) and 4K video sources
⬤Multi-language subtitles via and other leading sources for subs
⬤Multi-Option Sorting
⬤Mark the Watched Episode with One Click:
⬤MX Player (on Android), VLC ⬤Media Player (on PC) compatible
⬤New TV Shows Episode and ⬤Movies Notification
⬤Downloading option in local storage to watch Offline
⬤TV Calendar

Community & Reliability

Now Typhoon TV have some new chanells for communication with users!(FACEBOOK,Discord)

APP have synopsis and it works great an wonderful thing is that you see ratings!

You will have everything whatt you need

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The Main Features

Fast links and without buffering!
Personalized desing and clean UI will give you more stability on Android Device
Subtitles works really amazing opensubtitles have big database who will let you to download translation for movies and tv shows

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Developer from Bosnia and Herzegovina,currently living in Herzegovina! 
Thanks all people who supported me and giving me push especaly TEAM NO NAME,I do not want to comment my own app that I will leave you  judge me about that.Only I work on app but have always hand from other teams. AND NOW GOING to type something on Croatian because my friend love to mock with me that i didnt make this; 
 Rizik je donositi odluke u nesigurnom okruženju. Ne donositi ih, također je rizik.Rizik je donositi odluke u nesigurnom okruženju. Ne donositi ih, također je rizik.
Trenutačno radim na aplikaciji za filmove i serije,koristeći open source projekt.Dolazim iz Bosne i Hercegovine i živim u Hercegovini  ,naravno nadam se da će vam se sidjeti i naravno bilo kakva vrsta pomoći bi mi dobro došla osim toga imate gumb “Doniraj” ako mozete bilo bi to lijepo i svkako bio bih jako zahvalan na tome daru.Nadam se da ce vam se ovo svidjeti  I naravno trudim se da vam donesem svjež sadržaj na aplikaciju konstantim ažuriranjima.Ovakva vrsta aplikacije vec je bila na našem tržištu,nepotreban strah od toga da vam treba VPN jednostavno aplikacija ne koristi nikakvu torrent uslugu.Sve sto mislite o aplikaciji ili ako želite stupiti u kontakt sa mnom mozete preko kontakt widgeta samo ispunite sve potrebne informacije!Stalnim praćenjem i uvođenjem novih tehnologija u vlastita programska rješenja……..I to bi bilo to od mene evo nadam se da sam sve objasnio!
P.S Đaka
Typhoon TV! 
⬤Inovacije su ono što ljude dijeli na vođe i sljedbenike.Inovacije su ono što ljude dijeli na vođe i sljedbenike.


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